As Net Cancer Day dawns I say goodbye to a very dear friend

Dr Elizabeth
3 min readNov 4, 2021

It’s November already, Jack Frost has made an appearance on the odd occasion — I most definitely now know winter is approaching. For us rare beings November 10th is Neuroendocrine Cancer Day. Since the day my consultant told me my condition could be managed and treated but not cured I have gone to a Cancer support group. This group is fabulous, the brain child of a patient, sadly no longer with us and my specialist. He handed me a card one day at the clinic and said, Elizabeth I think you would really benefit from going to this. Which I do.I have been actively involved with the charity for sometime now and got a great deal of support and made great friends along the way. Some of us have formed great friendships and got together, went to the theatre together, watched other friends perform, went to the pub, fundraised together, had a big tea party, a music night, even a magician. I have even done a radio presentation show with another patient and our specialist. The massive down side is losing friends, or is it? My way of thinking is it is better to have love and lost than never loved at all.

At times this group has saved my sanity. Speaking to someone who really does have an understanding of what you are going through makes a huge difference. If anyone had told me that I would attend, benefit and actually enjoy any kind of ‘group’ before I actually went I would be sceptical to say the least. The day the prof handed me the card leading me to The Ann Edgar Charitable Trust was good day for me.

I got the sad news today that one of my good friends from the group passed away this morning. I met her at her very first meeting. She was a cheery shining light. Made me not only smile but laugh. We not only spoke at meetings but text each other in between, spoke on messenger, fundraised together for The Ann Edgar Charitable Trust. When I was very poorly in hospital she came to see me. Sent me a card. I will miss my friend.

As Net Cancer Day dawns I say goodbye to a very dear friend………

Dr Elizabeth

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