Back on the Harley-Davidson®

Dr Elizabeth
4 min readAug 21, 2022

The summer has been fairly kind to bikers this 2022 in Scotland. A great many dry sunny days and even on the cloudier days the sun has made an appearance on several occasions. For many friends they have been attending bike rallies, going off on super runs. No matter if it is long or short just the getting out for a while whether it is with a group of mates or a solo run. That feeling of freedom with not a care in the world and to cap it all the fabulous scenery that our country has to offer is most definitely worth taking to the road for. However I have had a medical issue with my gastrostomy tube and wasn’t feeling too great at the start of the season. Not like me at all but I welcomed my regular visit to one of my consultants. We had a long chat and it was decided I would get my lifesaving rig removed and a further procedure performed in hospital. Once this is done hoping I will be back on the Harley-Davidson® in no time.

True to his word I faced 13 medical professionals in the operating theatre just short of 4 weeks later. Getting the new tube fitted was most definitely daunting. The staff that look after me are absolutely amazing and when my heart rate dropped extremely low that the alarms were ringing they all remained so calm. Quietly I could here the radiologist say Elizabeth’s lips and feet are a lovely shade of blue. A nurse came and held my hand reassuringly and gently put a foil blanket over, ‘you are a tad cold’ she said and then continued to massage my feet. Once it was over and I was back sitting up and eager to go home one of the nurses that worked in London introduced me to a fabulous new dressing for around my tube. She gave me a pretty floral one and told me I could purchase them online. They are called G-tube dressings and are washable…

Dr Elizabeth

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