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Dr Elizabeth
5 min readJun 19

The love of motorcycles began as a child. Before I could reach the pegs I was on the bike, wind in my hair, enjoying the thrill. And now a Granny I still love the roar of the engine, the familiar smell and most of all the biker community. Something I thought would never happen has just taken place for my hubby and me. We rode together to Germany to go to the Magic Bike Rudesheim. This rally is a special one. It is on the beautiful Rhine in Germany. Despite being a Harley-Davidson event it is open to all bikers and non bikers alike for tickets. There are great stalls to shop, super places to eat and drink. The music is fabulous and of course the bike rides are out of this world. Magic Bike Rudesheim, superb bike rally is definitely worth the drive from the UK.

We chose to stay in nearby Bingen Am Rhine for the week. Somewhere quieter, giving us time to relax when we wanted and the buzz of Rüdesheim in a short trip over the Rhine. Leaving our apartment, 5 minutes ride to the ferry, 5 euros 70 for the bike and the two of us to cross the Rhine and hey presto we were in Rüdesheim. The Monday 20 or so Motorcycles, Tuesday perhaps we saw one hundred. And then suddenly Wednesday and influx of bikes. The rally starts on the Thursday and the Main Street of Rüdesheim is only open to bikes. parked on either side all the way up, wall to wall bikes. What a beautiful sight. A buzz of happy folk walking around in the sunshine. Life is good.

Excitement at The Rally

On Thursday morning as we woke excitement in the air, we drive to Rüdesheim get our t-shirts. Enjoy a quick walk down and then head to meet the others for a friendly ride together. We take a ride, 650 of us for a few hours through some small villages, into the vineyards of the Rhineland. We ride through a park together and rest to share a bratwurst, Oh such beauty. The heat, sunshine absolutely welcoming. However up in the high hills we did encounter a thunderstorm, heavy ice rain. Large golf ball sized ice battering against our bodies. However it only lasted for 10 minutes. And thankfully as it tailed away I could see the steam rise of the road as it dries. I have to admit it was a welcoming sight. On very narrow roads with steep inclines it wasn’t the best place for the rain to happen. And it was a tad scary.

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