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Dr Elizabeth
3 min readJun 26, 2023
Road view of Union Chain Bridge, road leading to walled arch. image in black and white

The final Sunday in June and the sun is shining. 10:30am and ready to hit the road in the mini. Today we are not listening to the sat nav for a direct approach to Union Chain bridge and the honey farm. But rather take the scenic route, along a fairly narrow road driving through the Lammermuir Hills. Whilst doing so seeing some sheep in the beautiful heather. Driving through villages such as Gifford, Longformacus and a few others and seeing what some folks love and others detest wind turbines along the way. Make for an interesting drive to the Union Chain bridge and the honey farm. The landscape is beautiful, the road curving gently as we drove. Trees overhanging, all shades of green. Simply a delightful drive to a wonderful and interesting place.

The Union Chain Bridge

This majestic bridge crosses the river Tweed in Northumberland between Horncliffe and Fishwick. It was first opened just over two hundred years ago on 26 July in 1820. It was designed by architect and engineer Captain Samuel Brown. This beautiful suspension bridge spans 137 metres.

As we approach the bridge the visible statue is impressive, for me a lover of sculpture; something of beauty. However as I look at the bridge it is stunning. The work that has gone into it is clearly visible. Before we drive over we walk and are met by a rather quiet man. He is a statue. There is a weight limit on the bridge and only one car drives over at a time. As we drive over you can feel the slight movement.

The honey farm

A few hundred metres from the bridge is the honey farm. Most definitely a place to visit. The big green bus is a super cafe, filled with home made cakes, great coffees, including mochas, cappuccino, etc. The selection of sandwiches is good. Homemade soup on offer and a fabulous selection of cold drinks including chocolate, banana, strawberry milk, apple juice, cola, water, squash. Great selection of teas. We had egg mayonnaise sandwich, ham sandwich, chocolate cake and a scone to die for with jam and cream. Absolutely fabulous. Got to say the service was amazing.

For kiddies to play there is an area with ride on tractors and little plastic and wooden houses to play in.



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